The primary aim of SocietyERP is to enlighten the Members and the Managing Committee of a Cooperative Housing Societies on various issues in running the day to day affairs of the Society. SocietyERP is a platform where experts and general public come together to enlighten one another on a particular issue or matter. It is an open discussion forum where problems which one is going through can be asked and the same can be answered by one who has already experienced such a problem and has resolved it or by an expert. SocietyERP's objective is to Empower the people and communities for better living.


SocietyERP comes in two flavour the FIRST one strives for better gated community living, where experts and lay man both come together to help each other by taking part in discussion and forums and helping each other and SECOND it is a subscription based end to end online Society Management Software Solution, where one can automate most of the tasks done by Managing Committee members like Billing, Receipts, Payments via Online Payment Gateway, Maintaining various Books, Handling Tenants, Accounts Management including generation of Trail Balance, Income & Expenditure and Balance Sheet.


We work to have a better Gated Community and try to bring most of the updates, which are happening in Cooperative Housing Societies, Real Estate, Bye Laws from legal perspective and in general, we also work along with NGO "Maharashtra Societies Welfare Association" (MSWA) and Joint Divisional Registrar of Societies to serve the Housing Societies.


SocietyERP is a venture of "Ultron Systems Pvt Ltd" a software company, consisting of Software Developers, Chartered Accountants, Lawyers and other vibrant young and dynamic professionals.


What goes around comes around, we believe that serving and empowering the people can only be done by Educating them. SocietyERP as a platform only tries to do that and will continue to do so .......